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Kenya Airways Dubai Office in UAE

A lot of passengers prefer personalized experiences offered by Kenya Airways Dubai Office when it comes to booking flights and planning travel trips. The help center provides a distinct advantage over the official website that passengers keep visiting the physical office. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff, the ticketing desk is able to offer resolution to even the most complex travel requirements. 

Passengers can interact face-to-face with agents who are well-equipped with the airline’s policies. Overall, it enables you to have in-depth conversations with the sales agent, discussing your specific needs and preferences. This is beneficial for passengers who are planning an intricate itinerary involving multiple destinations or stopovers.

Visiting the Kenya Airways Dubai Office in UAE allows you to get expert advice, suggestions on convenient routes, and different options to ensure a botherless travel experience. Interested passengers can check further details on this page.

Consult Experienced Staff At The Office

Kenya Airways Dubai Office

Passengers can choose from different means to contact Kenya Airways’ sales office. Firstly, you can visit the ticketing center, which allows one-to-one interaction with the experts. This method is useful for booking tickets with complexities that require detailed discussion about the travel plans. Moreover, this is convenient only if you reside near the location. 

Alternatively, passengers can opt for telephonic assistance by calling the office’s dedicated customer service line. This method is preferable for discussing flight queries or quick aid while on the go. And, of course, for passengers residing outside the proximity of the office. 

Whereas passengers prefer written communication, such as for complaints and feedback, the office has an email address. Passengers can forward their queries and opinions as well. This way, you exchange more detailed information, which also serves as a future reference.

Kenya Airways Dubai Office AddressFloor # 1, Al Rais Center, Office # 111, Mankhool Street, Dubai
Contact Number  +254-20-3274747
Kenya Airways Dubai Office Opening HoursN/A
Online Check
Check Flight Status of Kenya

Modern Fleet Influencing Passenger Experience 

The fleet of an airline plays an important role in determining the flying experience of passengers. With a range of different narrow and wide-body aircraft, Kenya Airways is able to fly to diverse routes domestically and internationally. These airplanes are high-tech and fuel-efficient, leading to low-price flight options. 

In addition, the airline regularly invests in upgrading and maintaining its fleet. This ensures that every passenger gets to experience the taste of advancement when traveling to their desired location. 

Boeing 737-800816129145
Boeing 787-8930204234
Embraer 19015128496
Cargo Fleet
Boeing 737-300SF2
Boeing 737-800SF11

Airport Details of Kenya Airways Dubai Office

Airport NameDubai International Airport
Airport CodeDXB
AddressDubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact Number+97142245555

Queries Handled At The Service Desk

We all know that online booking services offer convenience, but there are several reasons why one should visit the physical office. The most preferred benefits are human interaction and flight customization with the help of experts. 

While official websites are efficient for booking straightforward flights, they have limited options and automated responses. It may not be able to meet your specific needs and provide personalized attention. 

At the physical office, passengers can engage in direct conversation with the airline representatives. The office staff can provide solutions tailored to your travel needs and requirements. Here’s a table dictating contact numbers, addresses, and other specifics for your easy connection with the staff. 

Flight Refund and Compensation PolicyEmergency Aid Meet and Greet Services for VIP GuestsAccess Premium Lounge & Complementary Services
Assistance in Preparing Travel PapersGuide to Various Fees and PenaltiesUnderstanding Airline Policies and Other ConditionsItems Allowed On Board and As Checked Baggage
Conditions for Traveling with PetsFare Conditions and BenefitsInternet Connection Lost & Found Services
Flight Status Information Checked & Carry-on Baggage RulesGet Extra AllowanceCarry Special Equipment & Musical Instruments
Check-in and Boarding PassChange and Cancel Flight Pre-order Flight Amenities & ServicesManages Mobility Assistance 
Different Payment OptionsExpert Advice on TravelMembership Programs for Regular FlyersGuide Earning Reward Points & Redeem Procedure
Multiple Booking OptionsFlight Discounts and Maintaining Passenger Account and RegistrationGroup Traveling Packages & Rules

Check Fares, Compare, & Book!

Passengers who are confused about their itinerary can refer to the sales office to simplify the booking process. The agents can help you understand several fare options that are available to you. They will ensure you understand the attached benefits and restrictions, explaining whether it meet your travel requirements. With all this information, you can compare flight options based on their prices, benefits, and facilities, leading to rational decisions. 

Change, Cancel, & Get Compensations 

A sudden change of plans makes it significant to alter a confirmed booking, and we know it can be hectic, especially if you aren’t aware of the process. This is the best time to contact the airline’s office. Their staff can clarify and assist you with flight cancellations and even minute changes. However, before alteration, travel agents will ensure you understand the attached policies and applicable fees. Lastly, if eligible, they will make sure you receive a fair refund or compensation when you cancel the flight. 

Request Mobility & Special Assistance

Kenya Airways assures a comfortable journey for passengers with reduced mobility concerns. The airline provides wheelchair assistance free of charge. However, passengers must contact the sales office at least 24 hours before the travel date. Visiting the nearest office can help you understand your legal rights for a seamless journey. In addition to this, the staff also handles requests for special arrangements for expected mothers, specific meals, infants & toddlers, and unaccompanied minors. 

Post-Travel Services & Assistance

The accessibility to services and assistance doesn’t end with you landing at the final destination. Kenya Airways continues to provide complete support and a range of post-flight services to ensure your journey remains exceptional even after disembarking the plane. Whether you’ve misplaced your baggage, require mobility assistance, or simply want to share your feedback, the dedicated team is always there to assist you.

Kenya Airways Dubai Airport Office Map Location

The content mentioned above is about the Kenya Airways Office in Dubai, UAE. You can use this information to make future trips with the airline or reach the Dubai office. Safe Travel!

Common Questions & Answers:

Where is the Kenya Airways office in Dubai?

The Kenya Office in Dubai is at the Al Rais Travel Building, Al Mankhool Road, Near Al Fahidi Metro Station Al Raffa.

How do I contact Kenya Airways?

Passengers can reach out to the Kenya Airways sales office by calling +97145169000 and sharing their concerns.

What is the Whatsapp number for Kenya Airways Dubai?

Passengers can WhatsApp on +254 705 474 747 to request special assistance such as a wheelchair. Make sure to contact the office at least a day before the scheduled take-off time.

Where is Kenya Airlines located?

Kenya Airways head office is at Airport North Road, Embakasi, P.O. Box 19002 – 00501, Nairobi, Kenya.

Can I request special assistance at the sales office?

Yes. Passengers can head to the physical office to request special and mobility assistance and applicable fees, if any.

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