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Air France Dublin Office in Ireland

Air France Dublin Office offers a personal touch to flight services and amenities that set it apart from the online booking portals. From flight bookings to modifications on the confirmed tickets, the staff can handle everything swiftly. Official websites will always lack the human touch and fail to offer assistance tailored according to the passenger’s travel requirements. 

At the Air France Dublin Office in Ireland, passengers can speak directly with the experts. In return, this enables travelers to have in-depth discussions on flight journeys and understand attached rules and policies simultaneously. The employed staff can meticulously give explanations on fare rules, conditions, facilities, travel regulations, and airline policies. 

All this is to make sure that passengers make informed decisions for their itinerary, something that an online platform fails to achieve. Let’s discuss detailed information about the airline’s city office without any further ado.

Stop By The City Office For Quick Details

Air France Dublin Office

The airline offers multiple options to passengers to get in touch, meeting their varied preferences and requests. You can physically visit the office, which is particularly beneficial for booking complicated tickets. If you live nearby, you must stop by the help center to resolve flight queries. 

Alternatively, you can call the office desk on their hotline to get on-phone assistance. This is convenient when you want immediate assistance with your travel queries. For specific concerns related to the airline operation, you can connect with the airline’s representative sitting at the office for quick resolution.

Air France Dublin Office AddressDublin,Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Air France Dublin Office Contact Number  1800 419 2033
Working Hours(Mon-Fri 10 to 12 hrs and 14 to 16 hrs)
Online Check
Check Flight Status of Air

Fly On The Most Comfortable Fleet

Air France takes pride in its modern fleet for the operation of flights that fly to a diverse range of networks. They consistently invest to bring in new models and technology on boards for improved inflight experience. 

From narrow-body jets for regional routes to wide-body airplanes for long-haul flights, the airline ensures that the right aircraft is deployed for each route, optimizing both capacity and efficiency. In addition, the modern fleet of aircraft provides comfort to passengers on board and residents near the airport by reducing noise footprint.

As per the official website, the airline has a total of 412 aircraft in operation. Under this, 168 planes are responsible for long-haul flights, 238 for medium-haul flights, including 98 for the Transavia fleet. Lastly, out of the total, six jets facilitate cargo services. 

Passenger Fleet
AirplanesNumberOrdersSeating Capacity
Airbus A220-300322820128148
Airbus A318-100618113131
Airbus A319-1001120122142
Airbus A320-2003720154174
Airbus A321-100420182202
Airbus A321-2001120182202
Airbus A330-200153621167224
Airbus A350-90029123424266324
Airbus A350-1000TBA
Boeing 777-200ER184024216280
Boeing 777-300ER4345828206296
Boeing 787-9[18]103021228279
Air France’s Cargo Fleet
Airbus A350F4
Boeing 777F2

Airport Details of Air France Dublin Office

Airport NameDublin Airport
Airport CodeDUB
AddressDublin, Ireland
Contact Number+35319440440

Forward Travel Queries To Air France Office

Many people choose to book offline with the Air France Office in Dublin for several reasons. One of them is getting expert advice on the itinerary before making the final move, which saves both time and money.   

While online platforms serve the purpose of quick ticket purchasing, they still fail to deliver options and services that are altered according to customer preference. The official website may not always be able to provide you with spot-on solutions. 

At the local office, passengers can forward the queries mentioned in the following table; however, they are not limited to it. The sales agent will provide personalized attention, ensuring your opinions are heard. 

Get Refund and Compensation On FlightsAvailability of Emergency AssistanceVIP Services like Meet and Greet for Special TravelersLuxury Lounge and Premium Services
Assistance in Travel Documentation (Passports & Visas)Check Applicable Fees and PenaltiesGuide to Airline Policies and Terms & ConditionsAllowed Checked Items and Forbidden Goods
Regulations for Pet TravelsFare Rules, Benefits, and Limitations.Wireless Internet ConnectionTrack Down Missing Items
Get Updates on Upcoming FlightsBaggage Allowance Purchase Extra and Extent Overall AllowanceConditions for Sports and Musical Items 
Check-in Timings and Methods Alter and Cancel FlightInflight Amenities Request Mobility Assistance
Available Payment Methods for Ticket PurchasingTravel Advisory on International & Domestic FlightsLoyalty Programs Sign-Up and GuidelinesEarn and Redeem Reward Points
Flexible Booking ModesFlight Offers and Seasonal DiscountsPassenger Registration Travel in Group with Flight Bundle

Flight Booking, Check-in, And More!

The office’s sales desk provides every service you can find online on the office website. The staff will handle the query like a pro, be it flight booking, ticket cancellation, modifications, documentation, and more. They use their experience and skills to craft a perfect package that meets your travel goals and other conditions. This is because you are able to interact directly with them and convey your ideas and needs more clearly than you could have online. 

Assistance To Reunite With Lost Baggage

Misplacing your property can be a very frustrating experience. Luckily, Air France has a dedicated team to help you recover the lost baggage or item by following a streamlined procedure. The staff works tirelessly to track down your luggage on the basis of the provided description. Once found, they will make sure to deliver it to your address or wherever you are as soon as possible. 

Register Feedback And Complaint

The airlines value passenger feedback as it helps them continuously improve their services and perform better next time. If you had an unsatisfactory experience during your journey, the customer representative at the office is always ready to address your concerns promptly. The staff take each and every complaint seriously and seek out suggestions to deliver satisfactory services. 

Get Travel Vouchers And Compensation

If Air France cancels or delays your flight for operational reasons, the airline may offer travel vouchers and compensation to affected passengers. Keep in mind if the reason is uncontrollable, the airline is not obligated to compensate for anything. Therefore, consult the ticketing office for authentic and reliable information about such events. They can help you out in planning your next move. 

Special Assistance For Special Passengers

This is for travelers with special needs, such as those requiring mobility assistance or traveling with infants or children. Air France provides dedicated support services to the aforementioned passengers to ensure a comfortable journey. These passengers can contact the airline office to request necessary assistance and accommodations. However, the airline suggests contacting at least a couple of days for proper arrangements on the day of travel.

Air France Dublin Airport Office Map Location

Air France Office in Dublin, Ireland holds essential information regarding Air France. You can use this information as per your interest. Safe Travels!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I contact Air France by phone in Ireland?

Passengers can dial 01 41 56 78 00  to speak with the airline representatives anytime between 09:00  A.M. and 05:00 P.M., from Monday to Friday.

How do I contact Air France customer service?

Ring a bell at 800-237-2747, a toll-free number, to check the flight status of your upcoming itinerary.

Where is the Air France desk at Dublin Airport?

The Dublin Airport’s Air France desk is located at Terminal 1, where passengers can get quick information.

Where is the Air France head office?

The head office of Air France is at 45, rue de Paris / 95747 Roissy CDG Cedex, France.

Is Air France customer service 24 hours?

Yes. Air France customer line is active 24 hours. However, the operating hours of different city offices may vary.

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