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How far is the Newark airport from New York City

You are at the right place if you want to know the proper distance between Newark Airport and New York City. Traveling is indeed a hectic activity that requires a comprehensive plan. With all the information below, you will surely be able to collect all the important data and thus be ready for your upcoming journey.

You will also learn the essential transportation that will be helpful during your journey. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in. 

Details About Newark Liberty International Airport

Below are some important details that you must have about Newark Airport.

Name of the AirportNewark Liberty International Airport
Official Website
Airport TypePublic
Contact Details+1 973-961-6000
CountryUnited States of America
Address3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States

Distance of EWR Airport from New York City

Let us now talk about how far is the Newark airport from New York City? The distance between both locations depends on your route and transportation. If you travel via US-1 S/US-9 S, you will cover a total distance of 12.4 miles, which will take around 22 minutes. This is the fastest route, and you will get normal traffic in between. 

You will go 12.9 miles in 25 minutes if you take US-1 Truck S/US-9 Truck S as your route.

One of the major reasons people prefer Newark Airport over JFK or LGA is that it has fewer crowds, making it one of the most convenient options for getting to or from NYC. 

Transportation Options Between Newark and NYC

To travel a distance between two destinations requires time and effort. Therefore, we have listed all the important transportation you can use to reach your destination. 


The quickest and least expensive way from Newark Airport to NYC is via rail. For those twelve years of age and up, a one-way train ticket from Newark costs $15.25; for those five to eleven years old, it costs $3.50. Children under four don’t pay. It takes about 40 minutes by rail to get to NYC from Newark. But when you account for typical wait periods and occasional delays, the full trip might take up to an hour. 

There are two steps to taking the train from Newark Airport to New York City, but they are really simple. The procedure is riding the Airtrain from the terminal at Newark Airport to the Newark Airport Railway Link station, from where the train to New York is taken.


Taking the bus is the second most affordable option for getting from EWR Airport to NYC, especially to Manhattan. Buses from each of the airport’s three terminals are run by Newark Airport Express. In other words, you can go to the Newark Railway Link Station without using the Airtrain.

You only need to go to level one of the terminal once you’ve picked up your bags. Outside, the bus will be waiting for you. It takes 45–60 minutes to get from Newark to downtown Manhattan by bus.

Adults 17 and older can purchase one-way tickets for $17 and round-trip tickets for $30 on the express bus from Newark, New Jersey, to New York City. Youngsters under the age of sixteen pay $5 each way and $10 for a round trip. Senior passengers and people with disabilities will have to pay $8.50. The buses leave every fifteen minutes from the airport.


One of the greatest public transit networks in the world might exist in New York. It’s undeniable, though, that the entire procedure might be extremely perplexing, particularly for foreign travelers. In that scenario, taxis are the most practical way for first-time tourists to travel from EWR to New York City. The biggest advantage of taking a taxi is that you don’t have to indulge in transfer as it takes to right at your destination. 

The Newark airport has taxis outside every terminal and is available 24/7. A cab from Newark Airport to Manhattan costs $50 to $75, depending on where you want to be dropped off in the city. There is an additional fee if your luggage is more than 24 inches. Remember to leave a tip—it’s expected for excellent service. The additional expenses may total between $30 and $50 above the base fee.

Uber and Lyft

Other options for getting from Newark Airport to NYC include Uber and Lyft. If you’re traveling with a family or party of more than four people and would prefer a larger vehicle, Uber and Lyft will be very helpful. One of the most important things about Uber and Lyft is that you can avoid lengthy lines at the airport on busy days and during rush hours. 

Shared Shuttle Service

The Manhattan to Newark Airport shuttle is an excellent approach to balance price and convenience. Although they are far less expensive than taxis, ride-share shuttles provide the convenience of door-to-door transportation.

Shared shuttle services are a practical choice for anyone traveling—whether they are a big group, a family, or just you. The cost of the Newark to New York shuttle varies based on where you want to be dropped off, but it’s usually less expensive than taking a taxi. For example, an adult ride on Go Airlink’s shuttle from Newark to downtown Manhattan, with up to two bags, costs $40.95.

It’s a Wrap!

Now that you know the distance and the transportation options between Newark Airport and New York City, you can plan your travel. You deserve a smooth journey, so make sure you read the article to the end. We wish you a pleasant journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Which route connects Newark Airport with Manhattan the quickest?

The quickest and most convenient route is to take the NJ Transit rail, which is the Northeast Corridor line toward New York Penn Station.

What is the distance from NYC to Newark?

Depending on your route, the distance between both destinations will be around 12.4 miles to 12.9 miles.

Where is the headquarters of the Newark Liberty International Airport?

The head office of EWR is at 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, United States.

How can I connect with the Newark airport?

To contact the airport, use the contact details and the official website. The information for both is above.

Which route is easier to use to travel to Manhattan—JFK or Newark?

Because JFK is well-served by public transit, including the subway, it is the simplest to get to and from. Despite not being connected to the NYC subway, NJ Transit trains provide a quicker and more straightforward route to midtown Manhattan from Newark.

How far is the airport from the Newark rail station?

Taking the Airtrain, Newark Airport, to the Newark Airport Railway Link station takes five minutes.

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