The Terms and Conditions serve as a legal document that makes it necessary for the website owner and the users to comply with certain rules. This document aims at waiving any claims or disputes that may arise during the use of the website by its users.

We are highly motivated by the spirit of maintaining trust and Read in Detail goodwill. We operate with an aim to provide top-quality services to our customers. This document may also be a reflection of what you can anticipate from us while using our services.

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The terms of agreement are covered with respect to certain essential aspects given below:


While completing the reservation form, you must include all the relevant information that is listed as required. We will assume that you and the other members of the same booking are in compliance with our Terms & Conditions when you complete the form. The contact number or email address you provide in the form will be used to notify you of any updates or information regarding your reservation.

Please bear in mind that you take responsibility for the fact that if you have created a booking for a person, they are conversant with the booking terms and conditions.

It may also be noted that AirlinesBee may not accept the booking of a user if something is found inappropriate or against the policies of the website. The user will have no right to question the action taken by AirlinesBee.

User Accounts

AirlinesBee reserves the right to delete, remove, or block the account of a user if it is found to be inappropriate or carries information against the moral code of conduct. The user will not be able to create any bookings and must not try creating new accounts by using other names.

It is at the sole discretion of AirlinesBee whether to restore the account of that particular user or not and allow them to make bookings in the future.


We make a best attempt to offer you accurate pricing quotations for your travel requirements based on the data you furnish and the decisions you make. We help our customers book flights that are available on the website.

This clearly does not mean or imply in any way that we support or sponsor any specific travel organizations or airlines. We cannot promise that any of the airlines you make reservations with will provide the level of services that you may look forward to. We also need to comply with their rules and regulations.

Deals and Offers

No travel agent from AirlinesBee will guide you to take advantage of any deal that is posted on our website. You are free to choose it and proceed at your own will.

Identity Documents

You are in charge of bringing or keeping ready all the required travel documentation. Any penalties you experience during the trip as a result of the lack of any such mandatory document will not be our responsibility.

In order to avoid any hassle during your travel, you must be prepared with these documents or important papers, as per advance confirmation with the airline you are flying with, or relevant authorities.

Changes in Price Structure

Prices mentioned on our website are in line with the exchange rate in effect at the time of viewing. You agree to pay any price changes right away as requested.

There may also be changes in the pricing structure by the government or other related authorities. Any adjustments may be charged to your account until the entire payment of the amount has been received. Before making the final payment, it is your sole responsibility to check or confirm whether the price has changed or not.

Government Taxes

You are responsible to make payment of taxes or any fees imposed by governmental or airport authorities. There could be two scenarios. These additional charges are either shown along with the fare price or are payable at the arrival or departure airport.

It may also be highlighted that when you cancel your flight and post a request for a refund, most such taxes are not refunded at that time.


You must be cooperative in case of refunds, as the completion of a requested refund could take some time. After you have requested a refund and contacted our customer support team, we shall email you to let you know that we have received your cancellation request. By virtue of this notification, you might not automatically be eligible for a refund.

You should be aware that we depend on our suppliers to process the requested refunds. Once we receive your request, we will coordinate with suppliers, including airlines, to grant you a waiver in accordance with their and other suppliers’ policies. You will be informed about the result or the next step.

After the seller has accepted it, it can take some more time before the refund reflects on your credit card statement. From the time your request is received until you receive credit for the entire procedure on your account, it could take up to 90 days.

There may be a price for post-ticketing services in addition to refund penalties imposed by the airlines and other service providers. The individual ticket for each passenger includes a fee for refunds.

These fees are only applied when the airline or supplier rules allow such returns, when the supplier has authorized a refund, or when a waiver request has been made.

It must also be noted that we will not be responsible to provide refunds if the flights get canceled due to strikes, wars, delays, terrorist activities, or orders issued by the air traffic control department. Such factors are beyond our control.


Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and they can be applied on one transaction only. Besides, if you reserve with AirlinesBee using a Voucher Code, its amount shall not be returned in case you cancel the booking.

Unacceptable Content on Website

It is your sole responsibility to act with moral conduct. You must not post any photos, data, or material that is spam, misleading, abusive, or reflects obscenity, pornography, racial attack, casteism, or any other sort of offense.

You must not give data or information that reveals the confidentiality of a person, falsifies your identity, breaches any copyright, gives the wrong message to other users, or harms the website of AirlinesBee with malware files.

Secrecy of Information

We constantly endeavor to protect your data, and our team has implemented stringent security measures for the same. Hence, you must be assured of the privacy of your information.

However, in some circumstances, you may be asked to provide sensitive information in order to receive the services you desire, such as the provision of special services in the event of a disability or other medical issues, the availability of special meals in the event of a particular diet pattern, etc. It may be noted that this information is only given to outside firms who assist us in making such arrangements during your booking process.


We always work to ensure that customers who book flight tickets with us enjoy a pleasurable experience. However, unforeseen or sudden occurrences could happen, changing the course of the trip.

In this case, you must contact our customer support service right away and express your problem in order for them to give you a prompt response.

Travel Insurance

Travel experts advise purchasing a Travel Insurance plan, to stay safe and secure from medical emergencies that may arise at any point of your travel.


We help customers to make reservations with other businesses. Therefore, all responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies made by them is disclaimed, even if they have unintended consequences.

Please Note: There might be amendments or changes in the Terms and Conditions of AirlinesBee. You agree to stay aware of the same and follow it in good faith.

If you have any concern, feedback or opinion, please feel free to contact us at