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Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office in Lithuania

Voyagers traveling from Vilnius have a one-stop for their travel needs/queries at the Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office in Lithuania. From first-time flyers/ frequent flyers to curious visitors who walk into the Vilnius office with questions, they will find proper answers/responses here. The cozy office space offers visitors/voyagers a comfortable waiting space while they wait to be addressed by professional office employees. Rest assured that at the Turkish Airlines Office in Vilnius, all the Turkish Airlines air travel concerns are handled for the visitors by the staff/team present.

Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office Details

Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier of Turkey, is headquartered at Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines General Management Building, Ataturk Airport,34149 Yesilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey.Travelers can reach the main office of Turkish Airlines at +90 850 333 0 849 and via mail. Details below will help voyagers/travelers who want to contact the Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office.

Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office Contact Number  370 5 219 07 25
Working HoursEvery day between 14:00 and 22:00
Online Check
Check Flight Status of Turkish

Airport Details of Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office

Airport NameVilnius International Airport
Airport CodeVNO
AddressRodūnios kl. 10A, 02189 Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact Number+37061244442

Desk/Counter Inquiries At The Turkish Airlines Office in Vilnius

Help/guidance to voyagers at the Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office counter caters to many travel-related category inquiries/queries. These queries range from booking requests/inquiries, the flight boarding process, the destination airport services, and all the other service concerns. These questions/concerns are handled/addressed by the office staff/team.

Flight Ticket Booking and CancellationTicket Rescheduling
Web / Online Check-inAirport Counter Check-in
Kiosk Check-inAirport and In-Flight Wifi
Unaccompanied MinorTravel with Pets or Animals
Baggage AllowanceDuty-free Allowance
Flight InformationAirport Lounges
Visa-related InformationPet Relief Area
Missing LuggageImmigration Services
In-Flight MealsIn-Flight Entertainment

Inquire And Book Flight

A lot must be checked by passengers when making travel plans/bookings, like the ticket fee, direct/layover flight, seating space, availability, meals/beverages, and more. Office staff/team will initiate Ticket Bookings based on which class offers the needed travel services/amenities a passenger seeks. Alternatively, passengers can book a flight via an airport counter/mobile app or website.

Seek Cancellations And Refunds Eligibility 

Factors like ticket type, route distance(traveled/remaining), and the ticket cancellation request time are essential when successful ticket cancellation is needed. For detailed inquiries on the fares, they are non-refundable, refundable without any charge, 24-hour fee cancel the window, and are refundable with a cancelation fee; check out the airline’s cancelation policy.

Check-In Inquiries 

Per the passengers’ preference, they can check in for their turkish flights via the airport counter/self service kiosk or mobile app/website. Remember that to have ample time for the baggage and security process, arriving at the airport 2 hours before (domestic flights) and 3 hours before (international flights) is advised/recommended.

Passengers who have already checked in can directly proceed towards the boarding gate.

Request Seat/Class Upgrades

Seat upgrades are available with Turkish Airlines in the following ways: class upgrades( lower to higher) and Fare classes( within a class). These seat/class upgrades can be opted for/purchased by cash or miles earned. These upgrades offer passengers many services bundled with the new and upgraded seat or class they are traveling in. Read the upgrade policy on the official website or ask the office staff for more details.

Baggage Information And Inquiry

The cabin baggage allowance is 8kg for all the classes, with one bag for infant and economy passengers and two for Business Class passengers. Free checked baggage weight is 30 kg for business, 25kg for PrimeFly, 20kg for ExtraFly, and 15kg for ExtraFly for domestic routes and international (30 kg) business, (20kg) economy and infant 10 kg in addition to a collapsable bag. Ask the office team for more details.

Request A Flight Change

Requesting a flight change can be based on the date, time, and destination preferences the visitor requests. Remember that turkish airlines don’t allow domestic flights to change to an international destination. For information on the change fee and risk-free window for requesting a flight change, please refer to Turkish Airlines’ change flight policy.

Lost and Found Baggage Inquiry 

Passengers get labels attached to their luggage to identify and compensate if their luggage gets lost and found. Passengers must correctly fill out these baggage labels and attach the completed labels to their respective luggage. The Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office staff/team will give/inform passengers of all the details related to the compensation offered by the airline.

Unaccompanied Minors Inquiry

Unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children aged 7 to 12 years and optional for children aged 13 to 18 years. A companion/escort appointed by the airline accompanies children of 2 to 7 years traveling alone for a fee. To get info on the minor fee, baggage allowance, and companion service fee, voyagers can ask the office staff or visit the airline’s website.

Pet Travel And Guide Dog Information

Pets travel on Turkish flights with the transport options of cargo(large animals), baggage compartment(Too big to fit under the seat), and passenger cabin(small animals). Trained certified on-duty guide dogs travel for free with their owners in the cabin. For specific details related to the restricted breeds of animals and the cage/carrier requirements, read the pet policy on the Turkish Airlines website.

Infant Travel Booking Inquiry

Infants born less than 48 hours can not fly with turkish Airlines, and for the ones aged 2 to 7 days, a medical certificate is required stating that infants are fit to fly. The infant travel fee differs depending on the route the infant is traveling. Infants travel as lap infants (free of charge) or on a separate seat( fee charged). Details about infant baggage, priority boarding, changing areas, and more are available at the office.

Adding Special/Wheelchair Assistance 

Wheelchair Assistance is available at the airport and on the flight. Those traveling with their personal/own wheelchair must arrive for check-in 2 hours before their flight leaves to ensure ample/enough time for check-in and free boarding. If a passenger has difficulty using the washroom themselves, then it is recommended they fly with an adult; otherwise, the airline will deny them boarding.

Domestic & International Lounges Information 

All the information related to passengers’ destinations or arrivals at airport lounges is available at the Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office. These Turkish Airlines lounges aim to offer passengers a privileged/private experience with resting/working areas, exquisite meals/beverages, and much more. Turkish private lounges even accept entry to pets, which makes it a more enriching experience for passengers.

Turkish Airlines Vilnius Airport Office Map Location

This information is centric to the Turkish Airlines Office in Vilnius, Lithuania. When flying with Turkish Airlines, you can use this to make future travel plans. Safe Travels!

Visitors Also Ask!

What is the address of the Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office in Lithuania?

The office is at Lietuvos Filialas Rodunios Kelias 2-3, Vilnius International Airport, Vilnius 02189, Lithuania.

What is the email address of the Turkish Airlines Vilnius Office?

Passengers can email to reach the office.

Can I request to change my domestic Turkish flight ticket to an international ticket at the Turkish Airlines Office in Vilnius?

NO! Per the flight change policy, turkish Airlines does not allow domestic ticket conversion to international destination tickets.

What pet travel options are available with Turkish Airlines, and Can I book a flight for my horses at the Turkish Airlines Office in Vilnius?

Yes! You can book a cargo facility for your horses as Turkish Airlines offers pets to travel in the cargo facility, baggage compartment, and cabin.

Can I book a Turkish flight for my newborn baby and me?

No! Per Turkish Airlines’ infant travel rules, babies under 48 hours old cannot fly.

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